Allianz Global Packaging

Printing of high quality paper bags for the grocery, loading foods, potato, sugar, flour and charcoal industry.

About Our Company

Allianz Packaging is a paper packaging manufacturer, who supply loading foods, sugar and flour customers throughout Southern Africa in a market that is inadequately serviced.

Allianz has acquired a state-of-the-art six-colour flexo printing press with advanced technology for pre-printing high-quality imagery on white or brown paper bags. In addition, two paper bag-making machines which are capable to extend the offering of shopping bags or food bags with paper rolls, on pre-printed paper. The machines offer automatic paper feeding, glueing, creasing, bottom-sticking and bag forming at a stroke. This is the ideal equipment for making paper bags for the grocery, loading foods, sugar, flour and many other food-grade packaging requirements.

Our Products

Multilayer Paper Packaging

Applications include: Wheat flour, sugar, maize flour, potatoes, charcoal and briquettes. Non–toxic raw materials that comply to international standards for direct food contact regarding paper, ink and adhesives.

Pallet Liner Sheets

Commonly known as Pallet Liners, Slip Sheets, and Tier Sheets, Pallet Liners are indispensable as they add a layer of protection between your products and a soiled, damp, and/or damaged pallet.

Grease proof Paper Runners

Foodstuffs wrapped in greaseproof paper maintain their flavor, aroma and appearance as the paper allows them to breathe. Having the best products available for wrapping food is a necessary step in your success. Let our dedicated team of customer service and packaging experts help you.

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